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Welcome to Agacia Hotels & Resorts

When we go on vacation, naturally we expect to experience something new, at least something different from our last holiday or what we are used to. But with more places offering more or less the same thing, finding the one that can give a truly unique experience can be frustrating. Unless, you are planning to come to Kampar or are already here, and happen to be checking out this site.

Welcome to The Trails of Kampar, part of the Agacia Hotels and Resorts. Conceptually inspired by a similar development, The Trails of Redmond, in Redmond, Seattle, USA, The Trails of Kampar is one-of-a-kind townvila-type holiday accommodation. From its distinctive design and layout to the high quality and detailed treatment of its finishing, The Trails of Kampar has only one goal: to let you experience authentic American environment, right here in Kampar, Perak. Topping this off is the extensive and well-manicured landscape featuring pine trees and green turfing of all open spaces.

To protect its exclusivity, The Trails of Kampar provides round-the-clock security in the form of 24-hour patrol by guards, CCTV all around and a state-of-the-art alarm system which comes as standard in every unit of Townvilla.

So if you are ready for a memorable stay, please step in and allow our dedicated staff to serve you with the level of contemporary comfort and service in a setting that is unlike any other.